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  • Lifts
    • Passenger lifts
      • Schindler 3000

        Our flexible solution that unifies form and function. An all-around passenger lift applicable to various building types and use cases.

      • Schindler 5000

        The Schindler 5000 passenger lift integrates latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for higher passenger volumes with optimum ride quality.

      • Schindler 7000

        Meet the Schindler 7000, our passenger lift for high-rise buildings that exceeds the demanding specifications for tall structures.

      • Schindler Villa Lift

        The Schindler Villa Lift brings a new level of luxury to your family home. With stylish and contemporary design options, it offers unique comfort and opulence.

    • Freight & special lifts
      • Overview

        Berca Schindler Lifts provides appropriate solutions for freight, goods & special requirements with various types of bed, glass, panoramic & service lifts.

      • Schindler 2600

        Discover the Schindler 2600 freight lift for warehouses, shopping centers or industrial facilities. It makes lifting heavy loads a lightweight task.

    • Modernization
    • Destination control
      • PORT lift

        PORT Technology provides passengers with the lowest possible times to their destinations with the best possible comfort.

    • Building Transit Solutions
      • Overview

        An innovative solution also known as the Building Transit Integrator (BuilT-In) that streamlines operation and information flows across multiple applications, from facial recognition to security access system and robot services

      • BuilT-In Facial Recognition

        By integrating Schindler Transit Management System with facial recognition, BuilT-In brings about a whole new level of convenience.

      • BuilT-In QR

        BuilT-In QR PORT Access is a proprietary Schindler solution that includes the ‘BuilT-In QR’ mobile app, PORT terminals, QR readers and BuilT-In Visitor Management System.

      • BuilT-In Robot Service Connection

        With BuilT-In integration robots can easily navigate busy building environments, place lift calls to their destination floors, and request lift status information.

      • BuilT-In Landing Destination Indicator

        Advertisements and infotainments are slowly slotting in every corner of the building, no matter on a TV, touch-screen device, lift door etc.

      • BuilT-In API

        The agile, powerful API enables building management to effectively analyse data and handle daily operations, from biometric access control to robotics applications and real-time passenger tracking.

    • Digital Media Services
      • Overview

        Our digital media services make it possible to turn your lifts into communication platforms. New possibilities to advertise, inform and entertain.

      • Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

        This in-car media solution for lifts provides relevant information to your passengers in real-time, with minimal effort and maximum attention.

      • Schindler Ahead SmartMirror

        Our new in-lift multimedia experience will change the way passengers enjoy their lift ride.

      • Schindler Ahead AdScreen

        We created the Schindler Ahead AdScreen to maximize your advertising effect with every lift trip.

    • CleanMobility
      • Overview

        Explore our solutions that help keep lifts sanitary and safe.

      • ElevateMe

        Our new Schindler ElevateMe mobile application gives lift passengers the control to interact with lifts using their smartphones.

      • UV CleanCar

        Our Schindler UV CleanCar uses UV-C ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses in lifts reducing the risk transmission between passengers.

      • UV CleanAir

        With Schindler UV CleanAir, the air in lift cabins is sanitized and cycled more frequently and efficiently.

      • CleanCall

        Our Schindler CleanCall lets passengers select their destination with a simple wave of the hand.

      • CleanCover

        Schindler CleanCover is an antibacterial protective film that covers lift cabin surfaces that are often touched by passengers, such as the buttons, panels, and walls.

      • CleanSpace

        With Schindler CleanSpace, you can adjust the maximum load capacity in lifts to keep cars from becoming overcrowded.

      • PORT Technology & myPORT

        Visitors navigate their way through buildings equipped with Schindler PORT and myPORT using only their phone or personal access card.

    • Design options
      • Linea 800 SmartTouch

        The Linea 800 SmartTouch features three full HD screens, and the stylish, mirrored glass panel transforms user-lift interaction into a unique, visual experience.

  • Escalators & Moving walks
    • Escalators
      • Schindler 9300

        Enhanced safety features, energy efficiency, and space savings, the Schindler 9300 escalator defines state-of-the-art for moving people in commercial & public spaces.

      • Schindler 9700

        The Schindler 9700 escalator is the ideal mobility solution for large public spaces with high-traffic demands, like airports and train stations.

    • Moving walks
      • Schindler 9500AE inclined

        Developed with shopping malls in mind, the Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walk provides quiet and comfortable transportation from floor to floor.

      • Schindler 9500 horizontal

        Explore the Schindler 9500 horizontal moving walk, the ideal solution for public transportation.

    • Modernization
      • Overview

        Our professional and highly experienced technicians can modernize your escalators and moving walks from simply installing updated components to performing a full replacement.

      • Full replacement

        Upgrade your property by replacing your older equipment with new, cutting-edge Schindler 9300 or Schindler 9700 escalators or with Schindler 9500 moving walks.

      • InTruss

        The existing escalator/moving walk is extracted, keeping its truss in place. A new Schindler escalator or moving walk is assembled inside the existing truss.

      • Modernization kits

        Schindler offers modernization solutions in all areas: safety, energy consumption, and appearance, all designed to bring your escalators and moving walks up-to-date, quickly and easily.

    • CleanMobility
      • Overview

        At Schindler, we’re continuously developing solutions to help keep escalators and moving walks sanitary and safe.

      • Ultra UV & UV Pro

        Schindler Ultra UV and Ultra UV Pro help to keep handrails clean and reduce bacteria and viruses with an innovative and effective UV-C light system.

  • Services
  • Careers
    • Overview
    • Who we are
      • People

        Learn about the people, traditions, and values that motivate us to tackle the urban mobility challenges of the 21st century.

      • Inclusion and diversity

        By building inclusive and diverse teams, Schindler is laying the foundation for creativity, innovation, and effective decision-making.

      • Society

        Help us transform the world. We’re looking for driven professionals ready to solve society’s most pressing urban mobility challenges.

      • Our values

        Our values are the foundation of everything we do, and allow us to remain a leading global player in the lift and escalator industry.

      • Facts and figures

        Discover the facts behind what makes Schindler a great company to work for.

    • Why Schindler
      • Compensation and benefits

        Discover more about Schindler employee compensation packages and benefits – competitive salaries are just the start!

      • Work-life balance

        Finding the right balance between work and life can be tough. We make it easier through flexible modern policies designed to meet diverse needs.

      • Training

        The key to maintaining Schindler’s proud legacy is by making sure that all our people – at every level – remain trained and ready.

      • International careers

        International assignments are a key part of how we develop our people. Grow your career internationally with Schindler.

      • Career development program

        Discover how we take our most talented young professionals on an international and multidisciplinary 6-year journey to help their careers flourish.

      • Awards and Accreditations

        Being employer of choice in all operating countries, we are fully committed to create desirable and inspiring working environment. Learn more about the latest milestones and recognitions.

    • Who we look for
      • Experienced professionals

        Whether you’re a lift technician or an engineer, we need people with experience and skill. Seasoned professionals make our lift service company great!

      • Students and graduates

        Explore the extensive possibilities for students and recent graduates at Schindler.

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Empat jenis utama elevator

Elevator adalah bagian penting dalam mendesain sebuah bangunan – baik perumahan ataupun komersial. Tetapi jenis elevator apa yang harus Anda pilih? Dalam artikel ini Anda akan belajar mengenai empat tipe utama elevator. Selain itu, Anda akan belajar tentang berbagai dimensi untuk mencapai tujuan transportasi yang diinginkan.

Elevator Penumpang

Lift penumpang adalah lift apa pun yang dimaksudkan untuk mengangkut orang di dalam sebuah gedung. Lift ini dapat sangat bervariasi dalam hal ukuran, kecepatan, dan pilihan interior tergantung pada penggunaan lift.

Elevator Servis

Lift servis ditemukan di banyak bangunan komersial dan dimaksudkan untuk pengangkutan barang melalui gedung oleh karyawan, seperti staf rumah tangga yang memindahkan gerobak pembersih di dalam hotel. Lift servis juga digunakan di rumah sakit untuk mengangkut pasien di tempat tidur rumah sakit. Untuk mematuhi persyaratan kode, elevator ini biasanya lebih kuat dan lebih dalam daripada elevator penumpang standar, sehingga mereka dapat memindahkan barang yang lebih besar di dalam gedung.

Elevator Barang

Lift barang dimaksudkan untuk memindahkan beban yang sangat berat, seperti mobil atau kargo di gedung-gedung industri. Lift ini tidak dimaksudkan untuk transportasi penumpang dan dirancang untuk tahan terhadap kondisi kerja yang lebih keras, itulah sebabnya interiornya difokuskan pada desain yang kokoh, dengan dinding dan lantai baja yang berat, bukan pilihan interior yang lebih menarik.


Dumbwaiter adalah lift barang kecil. Ini sering digunakan untuk transportasi makanan di restoran. Namun, mereka dapat ditemukan di gedung komersial, publik dan pribadi.

Sistem Pergerakan Elevator

Cara lain di mana jenis bangunan mempengaruhi desain elevator adalah pada pemilihan sistem pergerakan elevator yang tepat. Memahami terminologi dalam berbagai sistem pergerakan elevator akan membantu Anda menentukan model atau tipe elevator yang paling tepat untuk gedung Anda. Jenis umum dari sistem pergerakan elevator meliputi:

Elevator Hidrolik

Jenis sistem pergerakan ini biasanya hanya digunakan pada bangunan bertingkat rendah, biasanya hingga enam lantai atau untuk mengangkut beban yang sangat berat. Lift hidrolik diangkat menggunakan piston dari bawah. Lift ini membutuhkan lebih banyak energi untuk beroperasi daripada model elevator lainnya dan, karena diperkenalkannya elevator dengan mesin tanpa ruang mesin dan penggerak efisiensi tinggi, sebagian besar lift hidrolik telah diganti di pasar elevator.

Elevator dengan Penggerak

Lift jenis ini beroperasi melalui sistem katrol, menggunakan tali atau sabuk baja dan penyeimbang untuk menggerakkan kabin ke atas dan ke bawah. Ada dua jenis elevator dengan penggerak: Penggerak Tanpa Roda Gigi dan Penggerak Roda Gigi. Penggerak Tanpa Roda Gigi elevator ini lebih canggih, dengan roda terpasang langsung ke motor dan pemberat digunakan untuk mengoperasikan sistem pengangkat. Penggerak dengan Roda Gigi menggunakan kotak roda gigi untuk memutar katrol dan mengangkat lift. Sistem ini biasanya lebih lambat daripada sistem tanpa roda gigi. Secara keseluruhan, lift dengan penggerak biasanya lebih hemat energi dan memberikan pengalaman transportasi vertikal yang lebih mulus dan tenang bagi penumpang.

Pilihan Ruang Mesin

Dengan kemajuan teknologi, tidak lagi wajib memiliki ruang mesin elevator untuk menampung mesin dan komponen penggerak. 

Machine room-less (MRL)

Sistem mesin tanpa ruang mesin dapat berupa sistem penggerak maupun hidrolik. Dengan menggabungkan katrol yang lebih kompak, mesin ini tidak memerlukan ruang mesin untuk mengoperasikan lift dan mesin terletak langsung di lorong lift. Mesin ini memberikan penggunaan ruang yang optimal untuk desain bangunan.

Machine Room (MR)

Sistem ruang mesin dapat berupa penggerak atau hidrolik. Pada elevator dengan penggerak, ruang mesin biasanya terletak di atas lorong elevator. Namun, ruang mesin juga dapat terletak di bagian bawah lorong atau di ruangan yang berdekatan dengan dasar elevator.

Ingin mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang desain elevator?

Kami tahu ada banyak hal yang harus diperhatikan saat mendesain elevator. Untuk membantu, kami membuat situs dengan banyak informasi yang akan mempersiapkan Anda untuk proyek elevator atau eskalator berikutnya.

Atau jika Anda ingin menguji ide-ide Anda, kunjungi Schindler Plan & Design Tool dan mulai mendesain!